How many different ways can you interpret this?

It's so true though.  If you always stick to the same things, you're always going to get the same results that you've always got, so this weeks challenge for singers, is to think outside your comfort zone!!!  For your next singing lesson, you should try something new!

If you have a tendency to sing ballads, then why not try a rock song?  If you always go with Musical Theatre, try some Jazz?  If you always go Hard Rock, listen to cheesy boy pop... oh yes I went there!  You will undoubtedly find something new in your voice by doing this.  You see, it's not just about picking different songs from the same genre, or indeed, picking songs you like, sometimes a great practice can come from singing something that you'd never consider even listening too.

There are so many ways that you can get the best out of your voice, but one thing is for sure, trying something new will always teach you something fabulous about you!