As I'm sure many of you are aware, Rear View Singers are absolutely fantastic!

There have been a few bits and bobs of news recently, so I just thought I'd spread the word.

Our youngest singer Saskia (11), has not only been entertaining all over Edinburgh and West Lothian over the festive period, but her original song (lyrics by her mum Leeann), was selected to be in an album for the victims and families of Sandy Hook.  Saskia's song "You're Not Really Gone", makes her the only child and the only Brit on the album.  Well done!  You can find out about the album here.

Another one of our singers, John, has been getting some notoriety in the film business!  With his film making company Broken Blonde, he's had a massive online hit with "The Baffies" Referendum Song, Big Eck.  More than 3,300 Youtube hits, that's massive!  John has also been making some light videos including his fantastic "Time Warp: Grange Style"... we love this!

Two singers Jennifer and Colin, were introduced to each other by Gillian, our vocal coach.  They are now both members of "The Carbon Pills", (Jennifer was already a member) who recently had a gig at Bannermans, just days after the pair of them performed admirably at the Rear View Singing Showcase! RAWK!

Our singer Ed (or Dog on a Swing), can often be found participating in and hosting Open Mics (including the Listening Room), had a radio performance at K TOWN FM.  Fantastic stuff!

Fantastic Fay, has been keeping her core in good shape (we know that we need our core muscles for singing), but dangling around on silks.  Her aerial choreography is stunning!  She did a performance recently for a Christmas event!  Awesome stuff.

I don't think that there is enough space to really go on about everyone's fantastic achievements this year, but a massive well done to all our RVM Singers.  2013, we're going to be giving you more opportunities, including another fantastic Showcase, so get signed up as soon as possible!