We all know that water is a great thing for us, we're made up of 90% of the stuff, so how could it not be good for you?  It's amazing how many of us, don't drink the recommended 8 pints of water in a day.  It's actually not a lot, but man oh man will it help you to feel better, and sing better.

This week, we've seen a few singing lessons where singers have been extremely dehydrated.  Remember that Tea and Coffee are diuretics, they make you pee a lot, but that's because it's sucking all the moisture out of you... if you have no moisture, then your vocal chords will struggle to maintain the necessary balance, that allows them to function properly.  Without proper function, you will ultimately run into problems with your voice, whether that be, a slight rasp in your voice, or really struggling to form notes.

We are, by no means, saying never drink tea/ coffee/ alcohol/ fizzy drinks again, that's entirely unrealistic, but if you're going to, then remember to supplement them with a glass of water, to keep your voice nice and healthy.

Happy singing.