Do you remember Lene Nystrom, the singer from poptastic eurodance band, "Aqua"?  We couldn't call them a one hit wonder by any means, they had a number of hits in the early noughties, and they definitely tapped into the pop music market.  However, the hit "Barbie Girl", demonstrates an undesirable singing technique.

For this, we would encourage you to think about your soft palate, the soft membrane between your oral cavity and your nasal cavity.  In our singing lessons in Edinburgh, we like to make sure that our students use this, correctly.  If you're looking for the best singing method, would you choose, baby talking Lene, or rich, velvet sounding, Cher?

This is not to say that Cher is 1--% perfect, her single, "Believe", is rumoured to be an example of auto-tune gone wrong.  However, in "If I could Turn Back Time", we hear the wonderful tones in her voice, a bit like listening to audible chocolate fudge cake!

Using the soft palate correctly, is one of the key ingredients of using the best singing method, practiced in our Edinburgh singing lessons.  It is not the only thing that we would want you to think about, but it certainly helps!

The next time you're doing your scales, have a think about where your soft palate is, and have a think about whether it is working for you, or against you!