It’s a question that we all ask our friends, ourselves and is a reason that we sometimes watch, with baited breath, musical award shows, looking to find out who the industry deems worth of the “best singer” accolade.  Sometimes we agree and sometimes we find it downright insulting.

Being able to justify your choice, certainly goes some way towards giving it credibility, and is sometimes something that the “industry” forgets to do.

We’re going to talk about one singer who has a voice that stands alone in the industry.  The one failing, she often fails to pick songs that match her incredible talent, but when she does, it’s a guaranteed pop hit!

Christina Aguilera was always compared to Britney Spears during her formative years in music.  They both came from a Disney Club background and both of similar age.  However, Christina has always proved herself to be a far superior singer.

You can pick many a live recording of Christina and see how she manages to use her body to fully commit to the song.  You can find an example of this on Youtube when she sings, one of her greatest influences, Etta James’ song “At Last”.  When she gets to the end, she takes her time, she prepares and then she prepares her body for the song as she bursts into a melodic detonation of singing magic! This is undoubtedly rehearsed, but magnificently effective in presenting the very best that Christina is capable of. 

A singer, very worthy of the title “one of the greatest”!

You can find her singing “At Last”, live here...