Why would you hire a band for your party or function?  Well, when you're hosting an event, be it a wedding, a special party or a corporate function, then there is no doubt that live music will make an impact that your guests will be talking about for a long time!  It can easily make a good party, great!

Music, in general, has many positive effects, from reducing stress, to making you happy and motivating you.  Music can even alter your brainwaves.  You can still feel the effects of music, long after you've stopped listening to it.  And live music has much more impact than pre-recorded, because it's there, with you.  Think about the last time you went to a concert?  Coming home can feel, almost surreal.

When you have a live band, you can feel much more part of the performance and a great, professional party band will really get your event jumping.  Add to which, your guests will still feel the effects of the music, after they have gone home, making your event a memorable one!

The Rear View Function band can help reduce your levels of stress, because once you've booked with us, you'll join a long list of satisfied customers that did it all before.  

So why hire a band? Because with live music, you can be happy celebrating with us as we all enjoy your party!