This record was tracked to analogue tape at Chamber Studio. All takes were live, with the band working to a click track. All the music was done in a day, then the guitar solos and vocals added in another session. The band were very well rehearsed so we were able to get six tracks down in the initial session which is very unusual. After the recording was completed, the tapes were transferred to ProTools and edited before being transferred back to tape for mixing. All the mixing was done in the analogue domain at chamber studio. This was a very easy session to mix, I did it in less than a day and I love how bright this record is. The vocals are my favourite part of the record. I have them set very high to get a commercial sound, but at the same time this is a very old school record.  Mastering was done digitally at my own studio and I am proud to say that this record is "big in Japan"